The Nearly Famous Bulletin Board is unique.  We offer a wide range of forums for virtually every interest with hosts and moderators who are experts in the fields.  From a cooking forum hosted by a working chef, a firearms forum moderated by gun and 1st Amendment experts, to a health forum hosted by a registered nurse. A goal of the NFBB is for it to be uniquely supportive of its members of all stripes. We welcome all political persuasions, races, ethnicities, and religions.

The Simple Rules:

As a general policy, we are anti-banning.  However, a couple of good ways to get banned are by violating the Yuku Terms of Service Agreement, or a clear attempt to simply disrupt the board without contributing anything worthwhile.  We expect posts to be made in the appropriate forums, and reserve the right to move any that we feel are not made in the correct forum. Spam posts will be deleted. "Drive-by" spam posts - people soliciting for products or other sites - will be deleted and the drive-by spammer banned.

Trolling and flame posts will be edited.  "Trolling" is defined as posting for the obvious sole purpose of instigating and disrupting, with no actual desire to engage in intelligent discussion.

Mild, on-topic flaming will be allowed in the Politics Forum. ZERO flaming is permitted in other forums, except for Who You Callin' A Lawyer, which is the "free for all" forum.  "Call-out" threads, threads made solely to instigate or attack another member, will be locked. Continued spamming, trolling, or flaming in inappropriate forums, after at least 3 warnings, is grounds for administration action.

Three official Yuku Warnings of rule violations within a two week period will result in an automatic Yuku ban.  When issuing warnings, the board's admins will not know if an automatic ban is going to happen.  Yuku bans are temporary. "Unofficial" warnings by board staff do not count toward Yuku bans.

Links and Videos:  You may post non-spam links and videos as long as you also post a short paragraph explaining specifically what the link or video shows.  It is not sufficient to post merely "a link to a funny joke" or "a video that will shock you."  You must explain what the link or video is going to show.

Specialized Forums:

Each Specialized forum will have its own moderator whose word is final in that forum. Moderators can edit and delete posts that go off-topic. Each forum will be a board within the board. Moderators have complete control over their forums. If you post something in a specialized forum, and the moderator deletes it or edits it, the admins will not intercede. The forum moderators are shown under the name of the particular forum.

Live Chat:

The chat function is enabled. Chat is a way to "talk" to other members in real-time. The icon to launch Chat is right under the Shooting the Bull forum. We encourage members to get into chat and socialize.


IcarusSafire, WyldOne100, RedAnthony, Sword of  Justice and American Pig are the board's admins. They will be doing the day-to-day running of the overall board.  Feel free to address any questions or concerns to them in the Suggestions Forum or the Complaints Forum.


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Reproduction is authorized, provided the source is acknowledged, save where otherwise stated.

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